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Downtown Streetscape Public Meeting & Concept Presentation

The Town of Four Oaks began planning the Downtown Streetscape Project in 2019 with the purpose of making downtown Four Oaks an even more attractive place to eat, play, and live. The Streetscape plan ultimately helps to visualize how downtown Four Oaks can better serve pedestrian needs for connectivity to commerce and improving the overall appearance of downtown. The town board is considering the concept below and welcomes any comments and questions from citizens. WitherRavenel will present the concept and address questions during a public meeting on June 17th. Details regarding the meeting can be seen below. Questions about the meeting and/or the project can be directed to Reid Williams, Economic Development Director of Four Oaks at 919-963-3112.

Public Meeting Details:

Date: June 17th

Time: 7pm

Location: Four Oaks Fire Station #2 (825 Lassiter Road, Four Oaks NC, 27524)

Concept for Town Website

Downtown Revitalization Plan

The Town of Four Oaks has been working with the NC Department of Commerce Main Street & Rural Planning Center to assist with developing a Four Oaks Economic Development Assessment. The assessment consisted of collecting demographic and market data. The information from the assessment will be incorporated in to a Downtown Revitalization Plan. To review the Economic Development Assessment Report, click here.

From the Economic Development Assessment Report the Town adopted a vision statement and two (2) strategic goals and objectives which can be seen below. More detail on the vision statement and strategic goals can be found within the report.

Vision Statement

Four Oaks, a gateway to North Carolina’s Capitol and coast, is an oasis of hospitality centered between Boston and Miami on I-95. Downtown is a center for creative local artisans with destination businesses, community events and social activity. Four Oaks is home to industry, business, family and an authentic heritage as deep as the roots of our Four Oaks trees.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Create an environment for downtown vibrancy with objectives to organize a Downtown Advisory Committee by 3rd quarter 2020 and to increase downtown foot traffic and business sales by the end of December 2021

Goal 2: Create an oasis of hospitality with objectives to develop a small gateway plan for I-95 exit 87 providing development guidance and access to downtown by 2nd quarter 2021 and introduce hospitality ethos throughout the town beginning 4th quarter 2020

Downtown Streetscape Master Plan

The Town of Four Oaks has partnered with WithersRavenel to produce a streetscape master plan. The purpose of the project is to enhance aesthetics and amenities, improve connectivity, promoting walkability and ADA access, rehabilitating downtown utilities, and enhanced public realm and greenspaces. Overall, this will make Four Oaks a more attractive destination to live, shop, eat, and work. Below is additional information on the project including a link that outlines the project schedule, a map of the study area, and ways for citizens to get involved.


  1. Downtown Streetscape Master Plan
  2. Four Oaks Downtown District

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