The town provides water, sewer and garbage service.  Please contact Town Hall at 919.963.3112

Duke Energy provides the electrical service. They may be reached at https://www.duke-energy.com/north-carolina.asp or 919.508.5400 or 1.800.777.9898.

SunPower provides solar electricity. They can be reached at http://us.sunpower.com or 1.800.786.7693.

CenturyLink provides phone and internet services.  They may be reached at http://www.centurylinkbundles.com or 1.855-861-2800.

Hughesnet provides internet for our area as well. They maybe be reached at http://internet.hughesnet.com/plans-and-pricing.html or 1-877-235-5145.

InternetProviders.com also provides internet service in our community.  Their website is http://www.internetproviders.com/ and the can be reach at 1-877-929-6880.

DirectTV serves the Four Oaks area with providing satellite tv and internet.  They may be reach at http://www.direct-deals.com or by calling 1-855-463-7359.