Four Oaks Mission & Vision

Mission statement

The mission of the Town of Four Oaks is to continually improve the quality of life for our residents and business community by providing responsive and efficient services.

Our Vision

The Town of Four Oaks will be a model of excellence in providing municipal services. Four Oaks will provide leadership to manage change and encourage creativity, productivity, and innovation. The town will be committed to continually improve the quality of services to our residents and our employees. The Town of Four Oaks will leverage its strength as a uniquely diversified community by developing interactive relationships with all the residents in order to enhance the quality of life throughout the Town. The Town of Four Oaks is dedicated to assuring, through our many facets of resources, that they are used efficiently and wisely toward the achievement of our mission.

Note from the Town Clerk, Sherry L. Hudson

It is my belief that the municipal government exists to serve the residents and business community. Continuous improvement in the quality and methods of services is essential to maintain a standard of excellence in municipal government. The Town Board provides leadership and guidance to meet the needs of our community. Our employees are a valuable source to our community and through their personal and professional growth, enhance the quality of services. I believe that encouragement of citizen participation and community involvement is essential for good government. The Town of Four Oaks will continue to be a leader in municipal government.